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Coaching and consulting. Something's calling. It's your life.


Hello.  Jess Ryan here.



I’ve been talking to the-powers-that-be since I can remember. Like all committed, meaningful relationships; it’s been tumultuous.

That’s what led me here.

I’m an experiential life coach, guide, yoga teacher and educator.

Lucky for you, I’m a learning, seeking junkie. I have degrees and experience in the healthcare field, sociology, two master’s degrees, over 10 years of yoga and Reiki Master training and experience, two life-coach certifications, birth doula certification, and a current Wilderness First Responder. Yes, all of this is relevant to how I’ll work with you.  I also have two-thirds of a law degree, but realized another degree would just be ridiculous.

​So… I dropped out to be a yoga teacher and a park ranger.

Some things happen in life that make you stop.   And question.

Those things are usually hard. And they often leave you feeling more confused and worse before it gets better.

Why is this happening?
What’s the point?
Why am I here?
My life has to mean something, right?
Is there something bigger?
Am I connected to That?
Can I trust It?
If I change, this is really going to f@#$^ things up.

​That’s what happened to me.

In my early twenties, I had an accident, that I refer to as the “Ass Breaking Incident”. It left me bed-ridden. For months. With chronic low back and SI pain. I was told from one of the top healthcare providers in the nation that I wouldn’t be able to walk without pain and I would probably need life-time pain management. I was devastated. Because it hurt like hell. I was depressed. And I still had a lot of life to live. How was I going to live it from my bedroom in a pit of despair and wincing pain?

WTF, Universe?!

That was the anger phase.

To make a very long story short, through many other experiences that challenged my sense of self and purpose, deaths of close family members, my (fist shaking) conversations with the universe, meditation, yoga, prayer, time in nature, and self-reflection, I had a very physical realization that experiences and emotions are held in our physical body. Our spirit is held in this physical body. As we deepen our awareness and connection to self, we deepen our connection to our Source (…and how you experience your Source, be it God, Goddess, Higher Self, Nature, Holy Spirit, Krishna, I don’t care.  That’s your path.)

That experience of connection and awareness leads to an unfolding and release that creates space for unimaginable healing and opportunities to live your truth.

To be yourself.

No matter where you are or what you are doing.

And that. Is our real work.

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