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Is It Too Late?


If you are alive and you’re asking, then probably not. Too late

I’ve had many clients ask me if it’s too late:

  •    Too late to live authentically?
  •    Too late to trust their intuition and instincts…and act on them?
  •    Too late to make an impact on other people?
  •    Too late to honestly enjoy their life?
  •    Too late to be a dancer?
  •    Too late to change the course of their life, relationships, career?

Please know this is not a question I get from one particular age bracket.  It runs rampant through all ages:

  •  A 33 year-old who never took a dance class and, even though she loved dancing, was pretty sure she was past her prime (…of enjoying dancing?)
  • A 27 year-old grad student who was three years into her doctorate and hated it.  Hated. It.  But, didn’t see a way out. (Even though she had chronic high blood pressure, anxiety, and admitted she would rather be working outside. Not to mention – she was only 27!
  • A 70 year-old coming into retirement who wanted to start her own business, more in line with her soul, but couldn’t tell anyone and didn’t think her family would support it.  (I’m pretty sure this isn’t the kind of secret that is going to land you on episode of Dateline.  Spill the beans, friend.)
  • A 47 year-old with kids who was miserable in his relationship and wanted his artwork to support his family, but didn’t think there was any other alternative to his daily existence. (And, I’m not talking paint-by-number art. He was commissioned to do art for a children’s book.)


Here’s the short of it my friends.

Life. Is. Short.

I’m definitely not saying quit your job, leave your partner, and blindly act on what ever seems like the most enjoyable whim.

I AM saying you’ve got one trip in this life, in this body.

That means something.

You do not want to be sitting on your deathbed, whatever age that may come (and sometimes it comes a heck of a lot earlier than we want) thinking, “Hmm, wish I would have done that…but I was too: old, young, afraid, inexperienced, responsible, busy, etc.”

Is there anything in your life you are thinking, “Is it too late to…?”

If so, take out a pen and paper.

  1. What is it?
  2. Is it really too late?  Really? (I’m going to give you the answer to this one.  NO.)
  3. What’s one action you could take to move in the direction of doing that thing?  Think baby steps.
  4. Do that action in the next seven days.  Seriously.  Do it.


Report back in the comments or on the Our Real Work Facebook page (click here) with what you did and how it felt.

I’d love to hear what you think it might be too late to do in your life.

Spill it in the comments below.


If you’re really struggling, schedule a free 20 min consult to learn how I help people overcome there doubts by clicking here.  I’d love to talk it out with you.  I believe, with every once of my being, that you authentically living this life, believing in yourself, is exactly what the world needs.  I’m here to help.

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