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Is This My Intuition Talking? The #1 Way to Find Out


Ever wonder if you’re making the right decision or if you’re on the right path in your life?

It would be lovely if the angels came down with a tangible piece of paper and a list of logical steps you should take right now –– and it would be really convenient if they could just lay it on your pillow so it was super obvious.

Yeah, I waited around for that option for a while.

Turns out, my fellow earth-walkers, that’s not how it rolls. You’ve got to meet the divine half way.

I’m sure your higher Self is trying to talk to you right now. It starts with a low rumble. In my case, it started with depression, anxiety, I couldn’t figure out my career, I hated my physical appearance, my relationships weren’t fulfilling enough, etc.

If any one of these things are occurring in your life… your higher Self is trying to get your attention. Now’s the time to start listening. Because it will get louder. Trust me.

The main reason I listen to the Universe and have honed in my intuition skills is because the Universe needs me to do my work. And it needs you to do yours.


I also listen because once it starts rumbling, and you try to ignore it, crazy shit happens.

Long, long ago, I forced myself into careers that didn’t fit, worked out like a mofo to change my appearance, dealt with things on the surface level…and then my ass broke. The Universe stopped me in my tracks. I couldn’t walk for months. No joke.

I got that squared away and started listening to the Divine. I followed seemingly illogical inner guidance: dropped out of law school, sold all my belongings and moved across the country to do environmental work and teach yoga…in Wyoming. Seemed crazy, but it felt aligned at a very deep level.

Everything was plugging along nicely. For years. Until I stopped listening and went back to following my social self and the voices that weren’t my intuition…

then I got diagnosed with fake syphilis the same week my car got broken into, and then impounded three days later. Really?! (Luckily, the syphilis was just a mix up at the lab…but, for Pete’s sake?! Fake STD’s, God??)

Touche. Message received. Back on the path for a few more years. Teaching yoga, doing energy work, a vision quest, and nature guiding.

Until I decided I needed something a little more socially acceptable.

I can’t even explain what happened next other than it involved a lot of doctors, a funeral, moving, and a case of food poisoning that rivaled natural childbirth…which I had just gone through one year prior so it was very fresh in my mind.


I quit everything, got very quiet, and truly listened. I did the deep work that isn’t always pretty.

That is the REAL work, my friends. Getting still, working through our junk so we can be the clearest channel possible, and then listening to the deep, deep wisdom within so we can have the courage to do our REAL work in this life.

Humanity does not need more people striving for social popularity and status and bigger houses or more humans who are embarrassed of the size of their jeans or people who don’t want to age because our culture doesn’t value elderhood.

We need kindness. The arts. Human beings with depth and substance. Healing. Joy. Authentic connection with each other. Souls that make us think and grow. Connection to the earth we walk on. True community. Wisdom.

So, what is the #1 thing you need to do to hear your intuition and start walking a path more inline with your truth?

Make the commitment with your Self.

You will not be able to discern your intuition from mind chatter or low self-esteem unless you make the commitment to develop that relationship with your Self –– and it doesn’t take as long as you think.

We like the idea of living our truth. We talk a good talk. But, it’s not always easy. We rarely carve out a few minutes to meditate or pray, check in with our bodies, feel our feelings, journal or reflect. We rarely follow through.

When we make a regular commitment to ourselves, when we make the time to get still, ask ourselves the hard questions, and open to the Otherness, our intuition will respond and it will get clearer. I promise.

The world needs YOU living your truth right now. Not tomorrow. Not when you’re on summer break. Not when you’re retired. It needs you now.

You need you now.

Give yourself 15 minutes today. Make it a regular practice. Close your eyes, breath, meditate, journal, and commit.

In the comments below, I’d like to hear how you are committing to yourself AND the practices you already have in place to continue strengthening your intuition.

PS- If you’re looking for more clarity and suggestions for committing to your Intuition click HERE to download this free pdf and class.


  1. i loved this. Your words capture my whole being. I already journal when life gets tough but not everyday. This I will do. Except I get nervous that I might die and be exposed. :-/ also I will commit to making time to meditate. I have all the gear~new cd (I’ve never meditated before except with you on New Years) anyway thank you. SO VERY MUCH!!

    • Thanks, Kerrie! I’m so excited to hear how your journey goes. Keep me posted and here’s to your COMMITMENT!

  2. Jess! I am making some BIG (and scary!) life changes this week. And I’m constantly wondering what the hell I’m doing! Will be downloading your class and listening to it. Also am planning next week to be uber-purge week to declutter my life so I can decutter my mind and see things clearly. Thank you for your well-timed post and awesome downloads!

    • Thanks for reading, Becky! Sounds like some really good things are making their way to the surface:) Glad you’re clearing things out to make more room for your awesome. The world needs it!

  3. Hello Jess! I’m so glad I found this post. Me and my BF have been struggling with this in different ways. My story is VERY close to yours — Illness, crazy shit happening, etc…and now I’m doing what I feel is SOOO right. How do I know – I’m finally listening better and the universe is being kind by providing me not signs, but NEON SIGNS (this is my term I’ve been asking for for years). It’s still a struggle…because I’m supposed to be “responsible.” And I see this with men and women all.the.time. I created my new business around it: The Love YOU More Project. I will be sharing this post and wondered if I could chat with you more and highlight something like this on my blog when it goes live? Thank you again!

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