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Letting Yourself Feel Small…To Remember Just How Big You Are

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Last month I was feeling tremendously off kilter. Too much in my head, in my house, in my business. My head was so cluttered I had an 8-week, perpetual headache and literally went to the doctor and had a CT scan to rule out a brain tumor.  Clearly a sign I needed a break. But I resisted for months because I had obligations. I didn’t have time. I needed to deal with all the “stuff” that gets in the way of doing what we want (and honestly, NEED) to do.

And then my birthday rolled around and my husband asked me what I wanted.

A day.

One day to myself.

With the gift of that magical day, I hopped in my truck and drove to the Shambhala Mountain Center, an amazing and remote meditation center smack-dab in the middle of Roosevelt National Forest in the Rockie Mountains of Colorado. And I spent the day in wilderness, by myself.

Being on the land, in that sacred space, made every part of me remember the world itself.

It reminded me that there is a pulse and rhythm and something beyond all of us.

That one day allowed me to reconnect with the natural world, with the otherness, and the deep knowing that lives in my soul and my bones.

We all need reminders to reconnect with our own source of energy, to refind ourselves and our space in the world. Sometimes we move inward to do that work and sometimes we step out into nature, into places so big we have no choice but to remember we are small. Our troubles and worries and to-do lists become seemingly insignificant when we sit on top of a mountain or see the waves of the ocean rolling in or look up at the vastness of the night sky. We reconnect to the greater world and the energy around us as we reconnect to the same all-knowing energy that runs through us.

So get out there. Take a hike. Lay in the sand. Look up at the sky. Sit and hold space. Breathe in deeply. Feel yourself as part of this big, humming world.

Going back to nature is one of my go-to answers when things are off-kilter or stuck. I believe in tools. Nature is one. Life-coaching, therapy, yoga are also super effective. And energy work is yet another. I’ve been practicing Reiki for over 10 years and teaching it as well. More recently I’ve been doing a shamanic apprenticeship, and recently completed the shamanic medicine wheel. There are tremendous gifts in tuning in to and remembering ALL the layers of ourselves––the seen and unseen.

Reconnecting isn’t about getting away or tuning out. It’s about opening our eyes and our minds and our spirits to the questions. It’s being with the uncertainty instead of avoiding it or numbing out of it. It’s deep living. It’s coming back around again and again as we open and learn (and forget and relearn). Are you ready to do that deep work? Check this out.

And let us know, in the comments, what you do to remember, to wake-up, to re-connect.


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