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Life’s Short: One Human’s Plea To Do Something…Now


My new neighbor has an affinity for loud, french, accordion music. Mid-morning or as the sun sets, the melodies vibrate from her speakers through closed windows and doors and dance into my house. I could be an asshole about this as technically we’re not in France and I cherish the few moments of quiet that rarely occur in my household. I could complain, tell her to turn it down, or internally stew wishing it was quiet.

But, I kind of like it. I’m transported to Europe, sitting at a cafe, eating pastries, being swooned by a charming strolling minstrel… when in reality I’m surrounded by file folders, to-do lists, leftover, uneaten, toddler breakfast, and a cold cup of coffee I started drinking five hours ago. Don’t be jealous. I know it’s glamorous.

Sometimes we need a reminder and perspective to call us back to the importance of a short, sometimes fragile, always rich, and, often seeming, mundane life.

Last week, I stepped away from technology for approximately 48 hours while visiting a friend in Phoenix, AZ. On the way home I sat in the airport waiting to board my flight, took my phone off airplane mode, and sifted through email, texts, phone messages, Facebook, etc.

In the 48 hours I was AWOL from technology:93245a27823e317c0f061fd0c64fe40d
a friend had her first baby
a family and community lost a father and husband
people celebrated milestone birthdays
parents lost their only child
a friend had an article published
someone got a book deal

In 48 hours, people’s lives changed.
Forever. Forty-eight hours.

Let me sum this up –– 48 hours isn’t a lot of time AND life is short.

Most of us get a good run at it, but what are we actually doing with our lives? Stewing over neighbors and co-workers? Wishing for the perfect mate or better marriages? That the kids would finally grow-up so things can settle down? Hoping someone will find our lives interesting or meaningful?

Here’s the deal, you’re the only one that can do anything about your life.

Listen to your neighbor’s music or don’t, but you have a choice about how you live your life.

A lot can change in 48 hours.

What are you waiting for?

I encourage you to commit to taking one action step in an area you want to change or improve. Proclaim it in the comments below!


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