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The Intuition Indicator – Reveal Your Intuition Style

When making an important decision you:

In your free time you prefer to:

A woman moved into your neighborhood two weeks ago. You pass her on the sidewalk everyday, but she hasn’t said hello or introduced herself. You:

You’re organizing a holiday party and need to find a venue. You:

You are interviewing a babysitter and she seems great on paper, but you’re not sure you trust her answers. You:

At a social gathering you predominantly:

You’re about to attend a family reunion where you don’t always feel like you can be yourself. The day before the event you come down with a sore throat and laryngitis. You:

You would choose your ideal partner based on:

You hate your job right now. You:

The last time you had to make a choice about something important you made the final decision based on:


  1. Hey Jess! I love your blog and website! This quiz was awesome!!

    I need to get some business cards from you for my office!

  2. I have enjoyed navigating your website and discovering some new lenses on life.

  3. I’m guessing you need to choose one of the options offered before you can move to the next question? The options listed for the first question didn’t include how I make important decisions, which would be: check in with my body and I usually get a clear answer pretty quickly. If not, when feeling calm/receptive, I just come back to the question and my body till I do.

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