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The Intuition Indicator – Reveal Your Intuition Style

When making an important decision you:

In your free time you prefer to:

A woman moved into your neighborhood two weeks ago. You pass her on the sidewalk everyday, but she hasn’t said hello or introduced herself. You:

You’re organizing a holiday party and need to find a venue. You:

You are interviewing a babysitter and she seems great on paper, but you’re not sure you trust her answers. You:

At a social gathering you predominantly:

You’re about to attend a family reunion where you don’t always feel like you can be yourself. The day before the event you come down with a sore throat and laryngitis. You:

You would choose your ideal partner based on:

You hate your job right now. You:

The last time you had to make a choice about something important you made the final decision based on:


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