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There Was This One Time…and It’s NOW

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There was this one time where I really cared what people thought.

So, I didn’t write. I didn’t teach yoga or do reiki. I didn’t do environmental work. I certainly didn’t talk about chakras and I didn’t mention topics that rocked the boat or danced outside of social norms. I flew under the radar.

And I bored the crap out of myself…and probably others.

There was this one time, I really wanted people to like me.

So, I said what I thought others wanted to hear. I rarely disagreed or started controversial conversations aboutfeet waiting spirituality or openly engaged others about the meanings of life or death.

Well, that was rather vanilla. And I’m not sure people actually knew I was alive.

There was this one time I didn’t believe in myself or that I had any gifts worth sharing with the world.

That was just sad.

Then, I realized the “one time” is NOW.

Life was not getting any longer, I was not getting any more like-able by living like a piece a wet cardboard, and change sure as heck wasn’t going to get more comfortable.

So, I got used to being really uncomfortable. A lot. And I started living my life.

I think about all the quirky and life-altering, soul-shaping events I would have missed out on if I stayed on my original path and hadn’t realized that life is happening now: being a park ranger on an island…off the coast of Ohio (true story), living in a 300 square foot cabin in Grand Teton National Park and getting trapped inside by moose, competing in the Women of The World International Poetry Slam (while pregnant), working on a ranch, going on a vision quest, being a parent, opening a yoga studio, starting a revolution with my closest friends (more to come on this).

Doing your Real work, will be uncomfortable –– in the best possible way. You’re growing and expanding. You’re Ranger (1)living your unique life and sharing your unique gifts with the world.

What have you been putting off? Where are you being pulled?

This is it, my friends.

Right now is the “one time”.

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One Comment

  1. I Had a simple, fun, friendly job for 8 years. It supported me through two major life transitions: into and out of college, then through life as a “grown up” without the stability of school. It was safe. And I was good at it. I Also received some substantial promotions and pay raises while working there, so life was easy. But it wasn’t my calling. What I truly wanted was to devote my time to producing and directing theatre. I kept making up excuses to steer me away from that risky choice: “I need the money,” “I’ve worked here for so long. They need me! The Place will surely fall apart without me!” You get the picture.
    Then a medical obstacle knocked my feet out from under me. I Literally lost all of my physical strength – four times in three months. I Practically moved into the hospital. I Had to relearn how to walk three different times. I Had to put life as I knew it on hold. It Was the darkest, most hopeless chapter of my life.
    But there was a bright side. During rehabilitation I cou get around much. But I had plenty of time to read plays and plan for future theatrical projects. And my old work place was getting along just fine without me. As I progress along the slow and steady path to recovery, I was able to focus on the work that was, and had been for quite some time, calling me.
    Now I’m taking big steps and big risks towards that endeavor. It Scares the bejesus out of me. But I love it.
    Thank you Jess for sharing your wisdom with the world every week. In my times of severe doubt your voice has been a beacon in the night. I Am truly grateful!

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