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Who is the Real You?


Take a moment to consider your most precious qualities and traits. Have you ever tried to hide them completely or play them down around certain people?

Several times, this past week, I had multiple clients ask me how I do what I do.

Amongst life coaching, teaching skills and a healthy dose of pragmatism, I also have an uncanny gift for sensing how people’s bodies hold messages, blockages, energy, and life experiences and how those things keep people out of alignment with the life they truly want to live. I can sense it in-person or 1800 miles away over the phone. It doesn’t matter. (If you’re interested what this looks like, try it out.)

For decades, I ignored it and thought it wasn’t part of my life’s work. It’s certainly not a very practical gift… or an easy one to explain to people –– “Hey, looks like you’re carrying around some mom-shit in your left leg that’s keeping you from feeling safe and that may be one of the reasons why you feel like you need to work so hard to succeed in a job you hate. Here are some things that might help…”

Yeah. That never goes over well in social settings. And what does that even mean –– mom-shit in your left leg?

From the outside, it sounds crazy.

But, if we let everyone outside of us dictate what’s normal or crazy inside of us, we aren’t living our The Real Youlives or sharing our gifts. We’re letting others do that for us. I’m fairly certain we’re not on this earth to live someone else’s life.

Each of us has a unique soul, unique gifts, and a unique way of sharing those gifts. We aren’t meant to be the same, look the same, or share the exact same life experiences.

I’m not quite sure why I got handed this gift instead of being a brilliant mathematician or musician, which, I’m sure have their challenges, but seem a lot more socially acceptable.

. You can try to stifle your gifts, play down your traits, and hide your life experiences, but once you believe you are on this planet for a reason, something bigger will ask you to share it with the world. It might start as an internal nagging or voice, it might show up as an event that makes you stop so you can finally hear it, or it might come in the form of someone who’s life is changed by you being you.

Take a moment, right now, and think about your life and your gifts. Are down-playing them or playing small?

They might just be your message, your gift, your life.

I’m certain the world is ready for you. It’s time to own it.

I’d love to honor your bravery and for you to share your gifts, the real you, in the comments below. Trust me. The world needs you.


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