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Should I? Shouldn’t I? Stopping the Mind Games


Should I? Or shouldn’t I?confused

I’m currently on my way to Colorado to attempt summiting a mountain this week, I’m launching a free teleclass (see the link below!), and also starting to potty train my toddler. On any given day, I question a) my sanity and b) whether now is really the right time.

These questions have been non-stop mantras, rolling through my head the past two weeks. Should I? Shouldn’t I? Should I? Shouldn’t I?…

We all have metaphorical mountains, projects, and everyday life decisions that we are juggling and struggling with on a regular basis.

If we let ourselves get caught in the tail spin of trying to mentally figure out whether now is the right time, waiting until the stars are aligned, or whether or not this is the most perfect solution, we will be waiting a loooong time to live our lives.

Granted, sometimes now is the right time. Sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes making the logical choice is the right choice. Sometimes it isn’t.

So, how do we know and what do we do when we’re in this place of confusion?

Take a deep breath.

You might find this is a running theme in my work. You are right. Because breathing works. Taking slow, low belly breaths has been scientifically shown to reduce the stress response in the nervous system, improve relaxation, aid in overcoming fear, improve digestion and immunity, and the list goes on. Do it. It’s free, easy, and will give you some clarity. Ten, slow, deep breaths.

Put it in perspective.

Is this “Should I? Shouldn’t I?” conundrum actually life or death? Nine times out of 10 it isn’t. I know it might seem this way at the time. But, are you literally going to die based on this decision? Probably not. Step back and see the bigger picture.

Call in reinforcements.

Sometimes, we can’t see the forest for the trees. We get so caught in the confusion that we make crazy decisions or no decision at all because we’re overwhelmed. Seek out assistance: good friends without an agenda, a therapist, a life coach. Someone who is in your corner, you can be authentic with, and won’t necessarily give you their opinion as the answer. Utilize the gift of an outside source who will listen, give perspective, and help you figure out your own answer. We all can use a little help sometimes.

If you regularly doubt your decisions, feel confused about where to go or what to do next, you are not alone!

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